4 houses in a court in Milimani for Sale

Shared features

  • A 3m perimeter wall with electric fence. Overhead and over ground large water storage tanks with automatic pumps, security perimeter lighting
    Landscaped and developed garden with night lights comprising of a picnic banda with its own washroom, sink and cooking top. Twin access main gates facing the back road and main road
    5 min drive from nakumatt mage city, 2 min to yacht club, 3 min to sunset hotel and 3 min to nyanza club. 4 min from jalaram academy which provides world class education from nursery to “A” levels.
    Parking for 20 cars. Two sentry boxes with independent washroom for the guards. Cabro and ballast covered parking area and drive way

All suits comprise of the following features:

  • Each with tastefully fitted kitchen, all bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, dressing tables and two mirrors. Hot water and cold water plumbing done with latest IPS non rust fittings
    High security doors and strong window grille all around with safe heaven room in each and escape hatch
    Tastefully fitted washrooms with imported ceramic tiles and separate shower cabinets where necessary
    Electrical wiring ready to be fitted to standby generator and instant hot water showers
    Colour scheme and design by renowned interior decorator

SUIT A – (Ground Floor Duplex)
4 b/rooms (2 master ensuite, 2 share common washrooms).  3 sitting rooms (can be used separately for TV room, bar and study), dining room, cloak room, prayer room, laundry and washing room, large kitchen store, refrigerator room. 3 of the bedrooms have private balconies overlooking the garden. 1 master bedroom on the ground floor, car port, garden, kitchen and sitting rooms are accessible to physically handicapped.

SUIT B (first floor)
3 b/rooms (1 ensuite, 2 share common wash room). Sitting room, dining room, laundry and washing room, large kitchen store. Large terrace with 2 bedrooms with private balcony overlooking the garden.

Suit C (2nd floor panthoust)
3 b/rooms (2 master ensuite). Common washroom large sitting room, cum dining hall. Cloack room, laundry and washing area. Large kitchen store / refrigerator room. Huge terrace with a view of lake Victoria and the Kisumu sunset

Suit D (Maisonette)
Independent 2 bedroom maisonette, with two washrooms, kitchen store, sitting cum dining hall and small study room.

Price: KES 90,000,000

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Kisumu Plots On Sale

Mamboleo 1/2 acre going for 1.5m.

Riat 0.10 acres going for 1.7m

Kibos 0.03ha(x2) going for 500k

A beach plot 7 acres going for 30m

Mamboleo 1 acre going for 5m

Milimani 0.06 ha going for 7m